Basic Tree Surveys

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Tree surveys are vital because the ownership of any tree within your property does come with added responsibility even trespassers if hurt due to a falling limb could under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 & the update in 1984 which brought a duty of care to the occupier/owner even towards uninvited parties have legal consequences.

Even a basic yearly tree inspection along rides, paths and roads can show that the occupier/owner has taken every reasonable step to mitigate the dangers that trees can represent as they age. Many factors can affect trees growing within a woodland edge including squirrel damage, fungal fruiting bodies and storm damage that can leave limbs large or small as potential deadwood waiting to fall. This is especially important along the edges of public rights of way (PRoW) and whilst these annual surveys may cost a few hundred pounds they could save thousands in damages or legal expenses especially along frequently used routes.

To help you mitigate these problems we can arrange an annual basic tree survey along the main routes and 5 yearly checks along less used routes as well as more in-depth inspections if required.
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